5 Cannabis SEO Tips That Will Increase Website Traffic

The online weed business is on the rise thanks to the partial legalization of marijuana use for medical purposes worldwide. Some sites can get lost in Google search among hundreds of similar pages. A cannabis dispensary SEO strategy can help.
In general, search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for any webpage that wants to profit from its activities. It is the system of tools and steps aimed at increasing the site’s visibility on the first pages of search results. The brand will become more visible, traffic will increase, and audience trust will grow.

A cannabis business needs to meet the following criteria to rank well:

  • Make sure that their site content is relevant.
  • There are a lot of key terms that potential customers might use when they’re looking for information or products.
  • Your webpage is well-designed, responsive, and mobile-friendly.
  • It has an easy interface and navigation.

Further, you can get helpful tips below on how to effectively increase website traffic using SEO cannabis.

Tip 1. Optimize Site Speed & Page Load Time

The site performance speed is one of the key features that influence the ranking in Google. No customer wants to spend time loading the content of a web page, especially if it is an online store. In addition, Google considers your site unuseful for users if the rate is lower. The higher the speed, the more users you will get. The general rule is 2-3 seconds for loading. 

There are many helpful tools to check your website’s speed, such as Google PageSpeed or Pingdom. These services analyze the real situation and suggest ways to change it. Among the ways to boost your speed, we gathered a list of the most effective:

  • Check your hosting: Incorrectly selected tariff plan can affect the speed. In this case, there is not enough space to place information on the server. Just upgrade your tariff plan and expand the room on the disk subsystem.
  • Use caching: It helps to download the content faster. The static version of your site already exists on the browser’s server or a certain plugin. 
  • Declutter your plugins: Sometimes, we can use several plugins for our website to make it more interactive or versatile. But if you use many modules, they can slow down the speed. In this case, delete all unnecessary tools to boost the rate.
  • Decrease the image sizes: Downloading the images as well as videos on the page is a time-consuming process. Marijuana dispensary SEO should choose pictures with smaller sizes or compress the size with special programs.

Tip 2. Blog Regularly

One more essential thing you can do to improve your Cbd SEO and traffic is to create a blog. It is not only the space where you can share helpful information with your visitors but a good tool for marijuana SEO. Here are the main ways how you can use blogging in favor of increasing traffic:

  • Choose the type of blog and become an expert in it. It means you can have a blog about health and the effects of weed on it, a DYI blog about how to grow marijuana from seeds, or even a cooking blog with delicious recipes with CBD ingredients. 
  • Place articles and blog posts regularly. It will help encourage your audience due to the diversity of the topics you will cover. Try to do it every day to increase your article base and satisfy the search requests of customers. 
  • Become an expert in the weed industry. Create helpful content with reputable evidence. In this case, other websites can refer you, and you increase the credibility of your brand.
  • Furnish guest posting to share backlinks and become a reputable domain for Google ranking.
  • It is a powerful platform for link building as the primary way to provide medical marijuana SEO.

Tip 3. Boost Your Marijuana SEO With Useful Content 

An effective marijuana dispensary SEO campaign starts with quality content. We advise you to do the following steps to improve it:

  • Use friendly and grammatically precise English;
  • Avoid passive voice;
  • Give a personal attitude to the information you post;
  • Reduce wateriness in the text and fill it with authoritative context;
  • Improve your visuals by adding interesting images, infographics, and videos.

Remember that you create content for the target audience. It should be valid and interesting. Regularly research the needs and pains of your customers to know what information will be most relevant.

Tip 4. Optimize for Local Search

A local medical marijuana dispensary SEO strategy is an effective way to reach your target audience and increase your traffic. It is especially important for weed online stores. A few ways how to optimize your website for local search include:

  1. Use local keywords. Research for search requests and analyze all keys that are actual in your region;
  2. Insert them into your content, including meta titles, tags, and even domain.
  3. Cooperate with local businesses. It is an excellent way to advertise your company through the regional areas.
  4. Incorporate local link building for cannabis dispensary SEO. You will be more visible in this territory with internal and backlinks from other local websites.
  5. Create local landings. If you have weed enterprises in several cities or states, it is better to create landing pages for each of them with an indication of the establishment on Google Maps. 

Tip 5. Technical SEO For Your Cannabis Website

Technical SEO is a part of on-page optimization and the critical aspect of SEO for cannabis. Several technical points are necessary for Google spiders to analyze and index your website fast. You should consider the following points to boost it:

  • Use SSL. It is an encrypting system that protects your website link when it delivers from server to browser.
  • Structure your data for Google. It helps to understand what kind of business you provide and which products and services are available. Also, this method allows you to know all details and streamline the CBD SEO ranking.
  • Use SDN. It is the system that uses local servers to download your page. It helps to speed up this process and is considered a plus for Google.
  • Add micro markup. It is a practical tool that helps to find the necessary information on your website in a few minutes. There are many types of markups for different purposes. Choose those that are most appropriate for you.

You can ensure effective cannabis dispensary SEO with these technical features.


SEO for cannabis can be a tricky task. You may be confused and not know which methods and strategies are more effective. That’s why these helpful cannabis SEO tips will help you to increase your traffic significantly. You will see the results you desire if you remain consistent and patient.

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